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From Beginners To Professionals

When you step up to trading at a professional level, it’s important to pay attention to the psychological aspects of trading, as well as the technical ones. Working with your own money and making real profit or loss means being careful about how you make your deals and the level of risk you’re ready to accept.

Naturally, the best tactic is to prepare before. AfghanForeX  lets you progress easily from one level to the next. First, you can use a demo account. You trade in real market conditions, but your trades remain virtual, and so do your profits or losses. It’s risk-free, although your reactions to changes in the market when using a demo account may not be the same as when you use real money.

The next step is to trade with a Cent Account. With this, two cents are enough for you to make a trade. But the difference is that you trade with your own money. While keeping risk low, you can enhance your learning experience and understand a vital part of successful forex trading – your own psychology.